General Sessions Clerk – Connie E. Holt

Connie E. Holt, General Sessions Court Clerk with three divisions – Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile, took office on September 1, 2002 as Sevier County’s first General Sessions Court Clerk. She has a son Andrew Holt and daughter-in-law Shannon. She is a graduate of Sevier County High School, Class of 1984 and a member of First Baptist Church in Sevierville and also a graduate of Leadership- Sevier 2008.

General Info

The Clerk’s Office processes and maintains all the records on all state warrants, traffic citations, misdemeanor court hearings, and felony preliminary court hearings. We have the responsibility for collecting, receipting, and accounting for all costs, fines, and restitution which is disbursed to various state and county agencies and victims on a monthly basis.

General Sessions Rules of Court

If you do not have an attorney, please click here.

Business Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00PM

General Sessions Clerk
Criminal Division
125 Court Ave, Room 107E
Sevierville, TN 37862

Phone:  865-453-6116
Fax - 865-774-3842    

General Sessions Clerk
Civil Division
125 Court Ave, Room 104E
Sevierville, TN 37862

Phone: 865-429-5671
Fax - 865-774-3639

General Sessions Clerk
Juvenile Division
125 Court Ave, 308W
Sevierville, TN 37862

Phone: 865-428-5284
Fax - 865-774-3822

FAQs –Civil Court

1. Do I need an attorney to represent me in General Sessions Civil Court?
No, in General Sessions Court you may represent yourself unless you are filing for a corporation.

2. What is a Civil Warrant?
A Civil Warrant is a money judgment that is not to exceed $25,000.00

3. What is a Detainer Warrant?
A Detainer Warrant is used in Civil Court to evict a renter or to collect rent that is due.

4. What is a Warrant to Recover?
An Action or Warrant to Recover is used to recover personal property from someone or to collect a money judgment.


                After a money judgment has been obtained in court, the Debtor has ten (10) days to appeal. On the eleventh (11) day, the Plaintiff can collect on the judgment by any of the following:

                1) Garnishment – The Plaintiff must know where the Debtor works and provide an address. The              cost of the procedure is $47.00, which will be added in the collection.

                2) Bank Levy – The Plaintiff must know where the Debtor banks and provide an address. The     cost of this procedure is $67.00, which will be added in with the collection.

                3) Execution of Cash Assets – The Plaintiff must provide an address of where the Debtor can be               served. The cost of this procedure is $67.00, which will be added in the collection.

The Clerk’s office will NOT provide any information on how to obtain addresses of the Debtor to be served. All fees are due at the time of filing for collection. Judgments are good for ten (10) years. Collections may be done at any time after the eleventh (11) day of judgment.


1) If the tenants are renting by the week, a landlord MUST give a ten (10) day notice.

2) If the tenants are renting by the month, a landlord MUST give a thirty (30) day notice.

3) The notice must be written and sent by certified and returned mail receipt.

4) The allotted time must run before filing with the court.

5) If tenants have not moved out of premises or the terms of the agreement have not been met a detainer warrant may then be issued.

6) The cost for a detainer warrant is $120.50 and $26.00 for each additional defendant.

7) If a landlord is a LLC or a corporation, an attorney MUST file the detainer warrant and represent the landlord in court. This is in reference to Rule II – Tennessee Court Rules of Civil Procedure.



Issue of Warrant: $92.50  
Issue of Warrant w/ Service in Sevier Co.: $132.50
Each Additional Defendant: $40.00

For service in other counties, include a check made payable to that county’s sheriff’s office. Contact that county’s sheriff’s office for the proper amount required for service.

For service out of state, include a check made payable to the Tennessee Secretary of State for $20.00.


Clerk Fee: $25.00
Service Fee for Garnishment: $22.00
Service Fee for Execution/Levy: $42.00


Issue Subpoena: $28.00
Copies: $.50
Certified Copies: $5.00
Continuances: $7.00
(Each party is permitted one reset)
Motion to Pay by Installments: $25.00

(This motion is a one- time request. If you default in payment the Plaintiff may be allowed to go forward with collection).

Suspended License

                If your license is currently suspended by the state of Tennessee, you MUST call the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine why they are suspended. The number is 615-741-3954. When you call, please ask the DMV to provide the date of the offense, the court telephone number where the suspension originated, and any additional steps that you need to take to reinstate your license. We cannot proceed without this information.                                 


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