Burn Ban/Fire Weather Information

[Update 11/27/23 4:00 PM]

The burn ban will remain in effect for the rest of Monday and Tuesday due to high winds in parts of Sevier County. City and County officials met today to review current conditions and forecasts and expect to lift the burn ban on Wednesday, November 29th.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our community safe.
An official statement will be issued on Wednesday.


[Update 11/22/23 1:30 PM]

City and County officials and fire officials met this morning and have decided to keep the Burn Ban in place for Sevier County and the Cities of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Pittman Center until additional rainfall is received in the area.

Though parts of Sevier County received significant amounts of rainfall over the last 24 hours, some areas of the county have received less than half an inch of rain.
The burn ban will be reevaluated on Monday, November 27th.

Sevier County, Tennessee – November 16, 2023
– Due to the increased risk of wildfires, a burn ban is now in effect immediately for Sevier County and the Cities of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Pittman Center. The burn ban is in effect until further notice.

A burn ban forbids any open-air fire, including:

- Leaves and brush
- Fence rows and ditch banks
- Construction debris boards, plywood, decking, cardboard, etc.
- Fields and grassland
- Gardens
- Wooded areas
- Campfires and cooking fires
- Charcoal or wood-fired grills (does not include natural or propane gas-fired grills)
- Burn barrels
- Air curtain destructors
- Fireworks

The burn ban will be enforced by local law enforcement officers. A violation of a ban on open-air burning is considered reckless burning and is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor. Violators of the ban could face a Class A misdemeanor charge, which carries a penalty of up to $2,500 in fines and up to one year in jail.

“With the current dry conditions and low humidity values, the risk of wildfires is very high,” said Sevier County Fire & Rescue Chief David Puckett. “A single spark could ignite a wildfire that could threaten lives and property.”

Emergency personnel advise residents and visitors in the area to exercise extreme caution while operating outdoors. This includes, but is not limited to, operating equipment outdoors, ensuring safety chains on trailers are properly attached, and ensuring to properly discard of smoking materials in ashtrays or other containers.

To receive a burn ban at the county level in the State of Tennessee, a Request for Declaration of Ban on Open Air Burning form must be filed by the County Mayor and sent for approval and signature by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Commissioner.

In order for the ban burn to be lifted, the County Mayor and Agriculture Commissioner must mutually agree to lift the ban.

City of Sevierville: https://www.seviervilletn.org/
City of Pigeon Forge: https://www.cityofpigeonforge.com/
City of Gatlinburg: https://www.gatlinburgtn.gov/
Town of Pittman Center: https://pittmancentertn.gov/

Sevier County Government
Contact: Tyler Basler
Director of Public Affairs & Communications
Phone: 865-774-3643
Email: tbasler@seviercountytn.gov

Contact: Chief David Puckett
Sevier County Fire/Rescue Chief
Phone: 865-774-3603
Email: dpuckett@seviercountytn.gov

City of Gatlinburg Government
Contact: Seth Butler
Public Information Officer
Phone: 865-436-1401
Email: sethb@gatlinburgtn.gov

Contact: Chief Charlie Cole
City of Gatlinburg Fire Department Chief
Phone: 865-436-5112
Email: charliec@gatlinburgtn.gov

City of Sevierville Government
Contact: Bob Stahlke
Professional Services and Public Information Officer
Email: bstahlke@seviervilletn.org

Contact: Chief Matt Henderson
City of Sevierville Fire Department Chief
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