Campaign Signs

Campaign signs are one of the most visible aspects of a campaign. Tennessee law prohibits placing campaign signs within 100 feet of the entrance of the building that has an early vote center or Election Day polling place.  The 100 ft boundary is marked with a stake in the ground.  No signs, literature, or campaigning may take place in the area between the stake and the building.  Candidates may not enter the polling place except to cast their own ballot.


Candidates, please remember that we are guests in our polling places.  Please promptly remove your signs when the election is over.  

The Election Commission does not regulate, mandate, or in any way oversee the placement or removal of candidates’ campaign signs outside of polling places.  This is the sole responsibility of the candidate.

Candidates must have the permission of the property owner in order to place a campaign sign. 

The Sevier County Election Commission does not accept complaints about political signs.  Complaints about signs should be directed to the Code Enforcement office of each municipality or the County, depending upon where the sign is located.

Complaints about stolen or vandalized campaign signs should be directed to the appropriate police department.

Signs must be in compliance with the sign ordinances of the appropriate town or city.