Environmental Services

Environmentalists inspect food service establishments, motels, public swimming pools, schools, child care facilities, camps and tattoo/body piercing businesses. Inspections monitor safety and sanitation standards, as well as compliance with the Non-Smoker Protection Act. In addition, Environmentalists facilitate rabies vaccination clinics and conduct rabies and West Nile virus investigations.

Groundwater Protection
Septic Tank Permits and Soil Sampling
Phone: 865-429-1766
Swimming Pool inspections
Phone: 865-453-2787
Food and General
The Sevier County Environmental Specialist inspects every establishment where food and beverages are prepared and served.  Each establishment is inspected once or twice a year depending on the types of foods served, or more often as deemed necessary to ensure compliance with the Hotel, Food Service Establishment, and Public Swimming Pool Act of 1985. Current food permits and the most recent inspection report must be displayed in a prominent location for the public to view. Environmental Health conducts inspections of childcare facilities, as well as their food service operations. Environmental Health licenses and inspects body piercing establishments at least once per year.
Consumer complaints and reports of suspected food-borne disease outbreaks are promptly and thoroughly investigated in cooperation with county nurses, doctors, and epidemiological workers.
Employee-level training is available free of charge in our county health department every month. Contact us for a schedule of training classes at 865-453-2787.
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