The Sevier County Health Department works closely with Child Care Facilities in Sevier County to encourage the enactment of the Gold Sneaker Initiative within their facilities. The Gold Sneaker Initiative was developed to enhance policy related to health and wellness within licensed child care facilities across Tennessee. Gold Sneaker Facilities agree to 60 minutes of activity a day with their children and adhering to nutritional values set forth by the Tennessee Department of Health while enforcing a non-smoking policy.

The policies set forth for Gold Sneaker are for the benefit of children.  The physical activity policy not only requires 60 minutes of activity a day, but that facilities must guarantee physical activity is a positive experience and is never used negatively or to control behavior.  In addition to exercising, the facilities are to agree to meet nutritional values and benchmarks including appropriate portion sizes for all meals and snacks.  The tobacco-free policy is adopted to ensure a healthy environment for all children attending the facilities.  Making an emphasis on nutrition and exercise will aid in developing a healthy lifestyle for the children of Tennessee.

Parents, you can see if your child is in a Gold Sneaker facility by visiting the Tennessee Department of Health Website under The Gold Sneaker Initiative.  If you would like to learn more about the Gold Sneaker Initiative or if you are interested in becoming a Gold Sneaker facility please contact Shareece Hollifield at 865-429-6289.

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