Gen Sessions Judge
Jeff Rader
125 Court Ave. Ste 107-E
(865) 453-6116

Gen Sessions Judge
Dwight Stokes
125 Court Ave, Ste 107-E
(865) 453-6116

General Sessions Court is often the public's first introduction to the judicial system because of its broad range of jurisdiction. Unlike Circuit Court this court is not a court of record. The General Sessions Court Clerks office is responsible for filing all detainer warrants, orders of protection, evictions and small claims lawsuits. Lawsuits filed in General Sessions cannot be more than $25,000.00. The clerks office also processes and maintains all the records on all state warrants, traffic citations, misdemeanor court hearings and felony preliminary court hearings. We have the responsibility for collecting, receipting and accounting for all cost, fines and restitution. This office is a fee office and we collect revenue which is disbursed to various state and county agencies on a monthly basis.

General Sessions Rules of Court

If you do not have an attorney, please click here.

Process Fee Sheet

Do I need an Attorney to represent me in General Sessions Civil Court?
No, in General Sessions Court you may represent yourself unless you are filing for a corporation.

What is a Civil Warrant?
A civil warrant is a money judgment that is not to exceed $25,000.00.  Download Civil Warrant

What is a Detainer Warrant?
This warrant is used in civil court to evict a renter or to collect rent that is due.  Download Detainer Warrant

What is a Warrant to Recover?
This warrant is used to recover personal property from someone or to collect a money judgment.  Download Recover Warrant

Who qualifies for a Protection Order?
To qualify for a protection order you have to show signs of recent physical abuse or to have a recent threat against your life. The person has to be of some relation to you or you must have been involved in a relationship with them.

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